Tom Rydval - sign Prague - Old Town - Picture taken by Pavlina Nemcova.


Jumping into paper boxes and performing various parkour drops and climbs on the roof of Lucerna Palace for Sony Xperia Commercial.     9/2012

Swimming in the space on ropes during live performance with 5 other Filmka stuntmen at the opening and closing ceremony of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival    7/2012

Being rebel in an American movie Snowpiercer.     6/2012

Some less advanced rigging in Die Rache der Wanderhure (II) movie and an action american commercial.     5/2012

Working on an American movie Serena and Czech movie Hořící keř.     5/2012

Shooting music video for Kanye West on the National Theatre's roof in Prague.     5/2012

Training Greco-Roman wrestling style for Borgia shooting in Italy     4/2012

Being the top in human pyramid for Cadburry Chocolate Commercial ;-)   3/2012

Flying on ropes and hitting an airbag for a Mercedes Commercial.     11/2011

Jumping various easy jumps and running just in front of a train in OKD Commercial.     6/2011

Diving from 10 meter platform in M6 Mobile Commercial.     4/2011

Doing stunts and stunt double in Borgia TV series.     10/2010

Preparations and the very shooting of Slovak commercial for Towercom.     10/2010

Shooting Bollywood movie Thank You in India.    09/2010

Shooting T-mobile commercial whith another 5 Filmka stuntmen. Look at a personal page of one of those stuntman - for example Radek Bruna.     08/2010

In turns Tom with other Filmka stuntmen performs stunts in Lucasfilm's movie Red Tails. 08/2010

Finally, in a gym training acrobatics again, after almost one-year recovery with fractured heal. 08/2010